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January 2023
Winner The Fossils
Runner-up Mike Passell

4 2023  Main

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Sweet Sixteen Quarter Final Semi Final Final
24+ hands 24+ hands 24+ hands 28+ hands
birdsfan2  birdsfan2     
Mike Passell  Mike Passell     
CanAm Duo    Mike Passell   
girsam (FW)    girsam   
Much Nicer  girsam     
Lowcountry Dudes  Les Flambeurs     
Les Flambeurs      Mike Passell 
Can (DF)      The Fossils 
OAK (DF)  bye     
All-4-1 1-4-All  The Fossils (WB)     
The Fossils    The Fossils   
Grant and Greg    Burnswood   
Burnswood  Burnswood     
The Griffins  The Griffins     
Good Reptilians       

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