Year to January : points winner Fudan  237     Joust: Sep 2020  Winner: The Light Club Runner Up: BrazUK Consolation Winner: Reynolds Runner Up: Meffley Memorial   The Gauntlet: Nov 2020  Winner: garsou   105   Runner Up: Jersey Boys   102   Third: planoyang   101   Fourth: Precito_01   95  

The button will enable you to add pre-alerts and System Summary including basic system, leads, signals and discards.
A typical System Summary is shown here.

These pairs have pre-alerts listed that may be viewed.

If your file is on BridgeWinners: simply open it and select "Print/Print To PDF". It will ask for a file name and location. Save and then email that file as an attachment to

If you have the cards on BBO: go to "Account" and then "Convention Cards." Click on the card you want and then "View." That will bring up a button for "Print" and you can print to pdf and email it.

Standard defences:   Transfers over 1C   Defense to Multi 2D.pdf    2D opening 5-4 Majors known 5cd suit   2D opening 5-4 Majors unknown   Transfer Preempts