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The Gauntlet Tournament Rules

Entry Format Playing Your Match Unplayed Matches
Unplayed Matches Points Conditions of Contest
Each pair must have a registered name on the Bridge Zone website. One player should do this and act as the captain for the purposes of scheduling and reporting matches.

You cannot use a registered name that is being used in a teams event. If you are already the captain of a team you can switch between the 2 logins on MyPage without the need to log out.

Late signups will be taken for the first 2 rounds. Signups in the 2nd Round will be given a score of 8 Victory points for the first round.
In this tournament, you will play a 20-board match each round against another pair.

Players are ranked randomly for the first round. At the end of each round the pairs are ranked by the winning VP score to determine the pairing for the next round. There will typically be 7 or 8 rounds, depending on the number of entries.

The IMP difference will be converted to “Victory Points” according to the USBF Victory Point Table. A total of 20 VPs will be divided between the two teams, based on the score differential. For example, if Atlanta Bears beats Cosy Cougars by 11 IMPs, the winner will get 12.76 VP’s and the losers will get 7.24.

No two pairs will play each other twice in the same event.
Playing your match
If you are setting up the table for the match:

1. Under 'Play or Watch Bridge' when you log into BBO, click on 'Casual'.
2. Under 'Find Your Own Game' click on 'Main Bridge Club' and 'Start Table'.
3. The Description should be the Match ID number in the Pending Matches table, however this isn't essential.
4. Scoring is IMPS.
Under 'Privacy options:
5. Uncheck 'Allow kibitzers' and 'Allow kibitzers to chat with players'
6. Check 'Permission required to play'
7. Check 'Exclude new members'
8. Set 'Minimum completion rate' to 20
9. Under 'Reserve seats' set up the player names.
10. Click on 'Start Table'. This will issue invitations to all players.
11. Under Table Options you can select 'Use Random Deals' (default) or 'Randomly selected Vugraph deals'

Please note: Players must be located in the Casual area to receive the invitation.
The captain of the winning pair should report the match has been played. As the scores may vary slightly after the match has terminated, please wait at least one hour after the match ends to report.
The IMP result should be truncated to the nearest whole number, so 10.01 and 10.99 IMPs would both convert to 10s.

PLEASE NOTE: There have been several reports of boards that are missing from BBO Hands. These are hands that have not had been played 16 times and have been discarded. As a precaution take a couple of screen shots of the history panel before leaving the match. This may help to resolve any problems later with the score. BBO seems indifferent to the problem in spite of contacting them several times.

Unplayed matches
Matches not played by the end of the round will be given a provisional score of 12 VPs for the purpose of ranking the next round. When the match has been completed the actual score will replace the provisional score. Matches that remain uncompleted at the end of the following round will be forfeited. Forfeit score will be allocated based entirely on scheduling efforts with a maximum forfeit score of 12 VPs. It's imperative that you communicate through the scheduling form so that we have an email trail.
4 BridgeZone points will be awarded for each match won.
Conditions of Contest
The Joust is also governed by the Bridge Zone BridgeZone Conditions of Play and BridgeZone Entry and other Conditions
These rules govern entry, scheduling, disputes, forfeits, and conditions of play.
In the event of a conflict the Gauntlet-specific rules will apply.

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