Year to January : points winner Fudan  237     Joust: Sep 2020  Winner: The Light Club Runner Up: BrazUK Consolation Winner: Reynolds Runner Up: Meffley Memorial   The Gauntlet: Nov 2020  Winner: garsou   105   Runner Up: Jersey Boys   102   Third: planoyang   101   Fourth: Precito_01   95  

Joust Tournament Rules

Entry Format Points Conditions of Contest
Each team must be registered by a captain and have a name. We suggest teams create a fictitious name unless they expect the team roster to remain stable across all time.

Teams may have up to 8 active members in any given month.
No player may play for more than one team in any given month.
A player may play up to 28 boards in a month and 56 boards over all time as a substitute without being added to the team roster.

Substitutes are strongly discouraged in the semifinals and finals and will be permitted only if it does not strengthen the team.

Permanent replacements will be permitted if they do not strengthen the team. Team rosters may change without restriction at the start of a new event.
The event is single-elimination with a progressive consolation. Pairings and byes will be random. All teams losing prior to the final will be slotted in the consolation, with losers in later rounds being placed in a later round of the consolation. Teams that do not wish to participate in the consolation may withdraw with no adverse implications. The projected time frame for each round is ten days.
BridgeZone points will be awarded for each match won. In the main draw, awards will be 10 points in round 1, 15 points in round 2, 22 points in round 3, and 25% increments thereafter. Awards in the consolation will be half those in the main draw.

Conditions of Contest
The Joust is also governed by the Bridge Zone BridgeZone Conditions of Play and BridgeZone Entry and other Conditions
These rules govern entry, scheduling, disputes, forfeits, and conditions of play.
In the event of a conflict the Joust-specific rules will apply.