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The Bridge Zone Knarly Knights is a single elimination pairs tournament. Each round is a 24 points with 28 points in the semi-final and 32 points in the final. Play begins in each tournament when the 16-player bracket is full. Players in the Automatic Signups list will be placed in the sign-up list for the next event when they are eliminated from the event they are currently playing in.

We realize that match deadlines are short. Please attempt to schedule your matches as soon as possible. If a time can not be agreed upon within the scheduled time frame, please contact the Bridge Zone Knarly Knights host and a reasonable extension will be granted.

The default playing site is BridgeBase Online.
Pairings are random and will be posted shortly after close of signups.

Good Luck! But most of all...Have Fun!

Aug_2 2021


Runner Up

Latest Winners

Event Winner Runner Up
Aug_2 2021 Precito_01 mrrdn
Aug_1 2021 DragonTiger Sunflower
Jul_1 2021 young_guns Kirk and Hugh

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