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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bridge Zone?

The Bridge Zone is a site being developed to coordinate bridge team tournaments. We provide a place for teams to register, be placed in brackets, communicate to set up matches, and report results. We do not provide a site to play bridge on, although we assume most people will play on BridgeBase Online.

What do we have to do to play?

If your a new player there are 3 steps:

1. Register your team on BridgeZone.

2. Sign up for our first tournament Joust.

3. Add your team members for the next event.

These are explained in the next 3 questions

How do I register my team on Bridge Zone?

Go to the main Bridge Zone page and click on the "Signup" link under “New Players”.
Create a login on the for the team. We recommend using a fictitious name (such as Jumping Jellybeans). This name can be changed at any time in your profile and will propagate through our databases.

Please avoid using a single quote(') in the name as it intereferes with software. You may use alphanumeric characters, blanks, dashes (-), underscores (_) or double quotes (").

You will get a confirmation email (allow at least a few minutes for it to arrive) that will take you to a page to set your password. Once you have done that, you can log in and will be directed to your Bridge Zone “MyPage.” This page will be used for the following:

Signups for previous, current and pending events that you have entered.
The Pending Matches table will give you all the information you need about your opponents and when the match is scheduled.
For each match there are links to schedule, report a win or report a no-show.

How do we sign up for a tournament?

Click on the Signup link on MyPage for the event you are entering.

On the signups page simply click Submit.

If you wish your team to be entered automatically each season then check the Automatic Signups box. This means your team will be automatically entered for the next season. You can opt out of this at any time by clicking the Withdraw link on the signups line for the next event.

Your team lineups may differ each month.

How do I add or edit my team members?

Click on the Add or update team members link on the signup line for the event on MyPage.

Real names are requested but not required, as these will appear on the Teams Entered page, but not required.

Email addresses for team members are not required, but will permit team members to receive scheduling information and notice of reported results.

These details can be updated before the event begins.

When you sign up for the next event it will prefill your team members from the previous event. You can add to, delete or modify this list.

What is my Bridge Zone profile?

You can access your profile from the top menu under Profiles/Edit my Team Profile

You can update your contact details at any time including your email address, phone number (optional) and timezone.

You can change your team name at any time. This will propagate through our databases to show the new team name.

Complete your scheduling grid. This grid shows when you expect your team to be available to play in your time zone. It doesn't mean you're always available at these times. It give your opponents a reasonable idea of when they can schedule a match. Scheduling a match can usually be done with 3 clicks on the scheduling page.

How do I get more information about a tournament?

At the top of “MyPage” is a button that says “Tournaments.” Mouseover this and scroll down to the tournament you’re interested in. Click on that to be taken to the tournament page, where there will be buttons to see the tournament rules, teams entered, brackets, etc. There is also a page with general rules that apply to all tournaments.

How do I post on the forum?

To post on the forum you need to login under your team name using your team password and select your name from the drop-down list.

The forum is intended for discussing issues and improvements for the Bridge Zone website, not for reporting technical problems or discussion of general bridge topics.

What about systems and other conditions of contest?

These will be specified in the general tournament rules. If there is an exception for a particular tournament, it will be in the tournament rules.

How will you control cheating and other bad behavior?

Bridge Zone is a private, invitational bridge club. We reserve the right to bar or disqualify any player, pair, or team, at any time, without notice and without giving a reason. If we receive reports of bad behavior, whether discourteous or unethical, we will either act on our own or forward the information to other parties as we see fit. At the same time, we realize that the success of Bridge Zone and our own reputations depend on our being scrupulously fair.

How much does Bridge Zone cost?

There are no fees to participate. At some time later we may offer a tournament that has entry fees and offers money prizes,

Are you going to send me a bunch of email that I don’t want?

Absolutely not. We do not share email addresses with anyone. We only send the following types of mail:

Copies of scheduling emails you send to your opponents
Scheduling emails sent to you by your opponents
Confirmation of results
Notification that you have an opponent
One monthly signup reminder

You have a rating system? How does that work?

Information about the rating system is contained on the “Points And Ratings” page.

Where did the Bridge Zone come from? Who are you?

The ideas for the site originated with Hank Youngerman. The software is adapted from tools developed on which has been running internet backgammon events for 20 years. We have no affiliation with any bridge playing site or national bridge organization. For software issues please contact the webmaster